June 6, 2016

Solar Panels Southwest Missouri

Solar Energy
solar panel installers in Southwest Missouri

When considering the installation of solar panels in Southwest Missouri, there are several new terms that you will need to familiarize yourself with so you can better understand how to save money with your new system. Among these terms are net-metering and connecting to the grid.


Net-metering refers to the process that allows you to use the electricity generated from your solar panel system before you use energy provided by your utility company. If you produce more energy than you use, the excess energy is then sent back to the grid through your meter. This process causes your meter to move backwards, thereby generating credit on your behalf. Depending upon the amount of energy that you use each month, this process can either lower your monthly electric bill or possibly even result in a credit. If you receive a credit, it is referred to as net-metering. Learn more about How Solar Works.

What is net metering in Missouri?

Connecting to the Grid in Southwest Missouri

Unless you decide to purchase a stand-alone system that includes batteries for you to store your excess power, you will need to remain connected to the utility company’s grid. By remaining connected to the grid, your electric company will gather the excess energy that your solar panels produce during the day and will then seamlessly provide you with the energy you need at night or on those days that are extremely cloudy.

Of course, even though you are connected to the grid, you still might want to utilize a battery backup system. This way, if the power from your utility company goes out, you will still have power for your home for a few hours until the problem is resolved.

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