September 3, 2020

Solar Myths -- Part 1

Solar Energy

In this four-part series, we will explore some of the most common myths and misconceptions about residential solar energy systems. Here are three solar myths that often lead people to dismiss solar as an option for their home.

Solar is too expensive and will never pay off.

This used to be true—20 years ago. But, like everything else, things change and for solar, it has changed a lot.

Since 2010, the cost of installing a solar panel system on your home has dropped over 70%. In fact, solar prices have declined 40% just in the past five years. This has led to a market boom, with many residential and commercial installations nationwide.

When combined with the 26% federal income tax credit for installing a solar panel system on your home, the fact that you can sell the excess power you generate back to your utility and Shine’s zero down,zero interest and zero payments for 12 months, incredibly accessible and affordable to just about everyone.

The truth is that owning and operating a solar panel system on your home costs the same amount per month as you are currently paying for your electric bill. If you can afford that, you can afford to install a solar panel system on your home.

Moreover, you will eventually pay off the cost of your system and then will only need to pay the monthly connection fee to your electric utility (approximately $15-$30). I don't know of many investments where you can simply redirect the same dollars you used to spend all while adding value back into your home. The best part is that you will escape any price increases from your electric utility for the entire time you own your solar panel system.

Solar panels are fragile and can’t withstand severe weather.

Living in the South and Midwest, we experience more severe weather than most other areas of the country. Heavy rain, hail, and high winds are common during spring and summer. While not indestructible, solar panels are designed to withstand these extreme weather situations while still continuing to operate normally.

solar panel myths

The first thing you need to know is that solar panels are waterproof and are manufactured to withstand moisture leaks for its entire lifespan. Second, most solar panels are tough and have been tested and certified to withstand hailstorms with up to one inch hail falling at 50 miles per hour, which is greater than what most home roofs can tolerate.

Third, home solar systems, if installed properly, can resist winds of up to 140 miles per hour. So, while it's doubtful they would survive a direct hit by a tornado, you can be sure your home solar system will not blow away or become detached because of high winds.

Solar can’t provide enough power for my needs.

This is one of those myths that used to be true decades ago but has long since ceased to be the case.

Solar technology has grown leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. The use of new materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as advances in electrical engineering, have greatly improved the amount of electricity a single solar panel can produce.

Today, a residential solar panel system can produce more than enough power for your home and then some. That’s why most states have what is called “net metering” laws, which allow you to sell the excess power you generate back to your electric utility by installing a special, two-way meter on your home.This is part of your home solar system and is included in the overall price.  

For more information about solar and how it works, visit the Shine Solar website.

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